Check Engine Light

Your check engine light has just come on. Do you pull over and call a tow truck or can you continue to drive for a short time. Don’t panic, your car is still drivable but it is best to have it diagnosed right away. The check engine light is your vehicles way of telling you that there could be a potential problem and your car requires service as soon as possible. Certified Car Clinic can diagnose your check engine light and quickly tell you the reason the light is coming on and the cost to make the necessary repairs.

Below is a list of a few possibilities why your check engine light has come on:

  • Loose gas cap
  • Cylinder misfire
  • Faulty oxygen sensor
  • Knock sensor circuit malfunction
  • Problem with the MAF sensor or circuit
  • System running too lean or too rich
  • Catalyst system efficiency below threshold
  • Insufficient EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) flow
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