Auto A/C Repair

If your car’s air conditioning is not blowing out cold air like it used to, it means you probably have a leak, and this needs to be identified before you refill your Freon. The Freon contains the lubricant required to keep your air conditioning compressor from seizing up. If the levels are too low, even for a short time, it can be extremely damaging to the internal components of the compressor. Don’t wait if you’re A/C system is on the blink, it’s important to have it serviced as soon as possible to avoid further costly air conditioning repairs that can develop.

Bring your car, truck or SUV into Certified Car Clinic, where we have the experience and qualified technicians to fix or service your vehicle’s AC system and get it blowing cold again.

We Specialize In The Following A/C Repairs And Service

  • Preventative Maintenance Service:
  • A/C system repair
  • Leak detection
  • A/C system flush
  • Freon vacuum and recharge
  • R12 to R134 conversion
  • A/C compressor installation
  • A/C condenser installation
  • A/C receiver dryer installation
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